Christmas Baking

Tis the season to spoil everyone! Give your loved ones Christmas treats to remember: choose among the classic holiday recipes – or create new family traditions.

Festive favourites

Homemade sweet sauces

Thermomix®-inspired gifts

Homemade goodies make the greatest gifts for family and friends. Help spread good cheer with a tray of freshly baked shortbread delicious brownies or a tin of perfectly crisp gingerbread biscuits – all of which are easy to make in Thermomix®. Fill stockings top to toe with delicious sweet surprises and make your family and friends smile with gifts from the heart.

Inspire me

Keep the cookie jar full

The joys of home baking

1. A gift for the senses: nothing beats the taste, smell and texture of freshly baked homemade food. Resist that warm cookie if you can!

2. Indulgent but real: you know exactly what you’re eating. No preservatives, additives, or ingredients whose name you can’t pronounce.

3. Make it personal: a thicker layer of brandy butter for Dad or a lighter sprinkling of icing sugar for your little one, you get to decide.

4. Time for yourself: baking can be calming and relaxing, giving you the satisfaction of working with your hands. With the help of Thermomix®, you will get great results to share and enjoy.

5. Satisfaction guaranteed: serve home baked goodies with pride while making your Christmas budget stretch farther.

Gluten-free baking

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